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June 30, 2011


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How come Portland never had a 'NEON' Museum?! That would have been fun! Just thinking of all those nostalgic signs.....not neon, but wonder what happened to the 'diving lady' on the Jantzen sign?? ...Or the bottle of 7-up on Sandy?? ...Or the duck on Waddles??

Portland used to be home to the American Advertising Museum. It was located in the Erickson Saloon building in old town. It closed in 2004. Now the only advertising museum in the country is the William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_F._Eisner_Museum_of_Advertising_%26_Design

My grandfather and father have are 2 generations of sign painters and crafters in Portland. My grandfather is responsible for the Bagdad Theatre, the George Morlan logo and sign, The first White Satin, later White Stag, etc sign and many others. My father has contributed to the city's signs and neon and other states (including Vegas) a ton as well. Growing up around these signs and buildings while going with them to sites during the summers are one of my favorite memories. The photos I have of this towns buildings and signs are immense and I love going through them.

Very cool, 'depiciton'.....maybe Mr. Stump may be interested in receiving some of those 'scanned' photos? My father was also a sign artist for the greater Portland/Vancouver area....years ago he worked for Ramsey Sign Co. then later for Vancouver Sign Co. I will have to see if I too, can dig up some of those kodak pics of his work around the city!

Would love photos to post on the Stump. My email is kisngoodguy@comcast.net
Look forward to seeing these...I'm a neon sign kook!

oops....misspelled "depiction" (before the 'spelling police' say something!)

My dad actually worked for Ramsay as well. He worked at Oregon Sign which later became Heath then Tube Art for most of the past 40 years or so.

"Tube Art". Thats what I'm going to name my Punk Rock Band.

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