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July 09, 2011


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Clint Eastwood is among the few remaining film legends! Good story Roger. Look forward to more.

I agree with Bob....MORE! Such captivating stories...can hardly wait for the NEXT ones....thanks Mr. Stump for encouraging him to put his true stories in writing so we can all hear about them!!

I was working the Fred Meyer Challenge golf tourney at Oregon Golf Club when Clint was playing with Peter Jacobsen. I was in a cart and came upon the group standing on the cart path next to the 11th tee. Clint was/is a little hard of hearing and, unlike the rest of the group, didn't notice that I was trying to get by. All I could think of was "Dirty Harry" and in my best impression said "well, do you feel lucky----punk" to which he turned around, glared at me for an eternity, then smiled and said "sorry, you just made my day."

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