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July 29, 2011


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The wealth of Oregon illustrated by timber and fish. Both industries destroyed by the liberal agenda of the east coasters who came here to found their little eco-topia.

I picked up the same images...two industries, with losses of untold thousands of family wage jobs - thanks to left wing Democrat extremists.

Meanwhile those jobs have gone overseas or to Canada. Thanks libtards...for putting family wage earners out of work and making Oregon broke.

I believe most wood bought in stores here is imported from China forests!

Why could a bank back then afford to pay 4% on a savings account when the average mortgage rate was 5%, and yet today banks are giving a half a percent if you are lucky and mortgage rates are at 5%. Not only that but they charge most customers fourteen to twenty nine percent on credit cards. And we bailed them out too. Yes, America is on a downward spiral. Not only are the liberals responcible, but also Wall Street and the banking community.

You corporate apologists just love to blame shift onto those citizens involved in Democratic politics, denying the inherent natural rights of great stands of old growth and mighty schools of fish to exist undisturbed under the protection of the goddess Gaiea.

We have more trees and fish because their ecosystems go unraped by greedy, selfish corporations and the mindless tools who cowtow to them because noble citizen politicians stand in the way of their obliteration.

At least have the basic kindness to say thank you, and mean it.

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