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July 29, 2011


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But Dave Bob Ball is gay. You mean, it wasn't Sam the Scam's homosexuality you didn't like? It was, rather, his stupid policies. Oh c'mon...you really expect us to believe that? We all know you dislike Wu because he's Chinese and Obama because he's black and you dislike Scam because he's gay. It wasn't that Wu was a total clown and brought disrespect to his office and it isn't Obama's silly ideas about government. We know.

Yeah that's why I voted for Obama. I'm very close to eliminating you from this site. Accusing me of being a racist is foolish on your part. Try it again and you will be served by my attorney. That is no joke.

A dangerous politician is a Lame Duck...he and the other one, Randy, now will know no bounds to what they can do.

Dave, my comment was with tongue fully planted in cheek. Read it again...it was very ironic.

Tman may have a point.

Now that Samovar Adamski will not have to toady to his proletariat, all stops are out (and proud?).

Look for a seemingly endless cabaret of fees, boondoggle projects, support of social oddments and crude eccentricities.

He'll leave office, work on his tan in Antigua(and "mentor" a few Antiguan middle-schoolers), then possibly run against Congressman Avakian or Senator Wyden in a few years.

Hey Mr. Stump, relax and let Joel stay. His contributions to the site are well thought out and add some livelihood. I enjoy the read.

I read his post right away and never saw anything but an ironic joshing. You should know where he is coming from by now, and the post is far from a serious personal attack.

I think Sam just lacked any "real world" prospective. What did he actually do for a living before Vera picked him to hatchet for her? And Randy has been double dipping as a career move for years and years.
Very few people have the stomach or the balls (no pun intended) to run for public life.
I still miss Eric Sten. At least he tried to do well by the public. Remember his attempted end run around Texas Pacific and PGE and Enron? Brilliant except for the lobbying shills arrayed against the public good. That was leadership for the community.
Not wimpy duck tape protocols or effed up bike lanes and strange couplets.

Saltzman, Fish and Fritz could develop some backbome now and block most of Adams' foolishness, if they had a mind to. The question is, will they have a mind to? Amanda is probably rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere, unable to come to grips with the fact that Sam will be gone.

Geez, what are all you going to do with your spare time once Sam is gone? And why do I get the feeling that no matter who replaces him, most of you won't like them either?


Upon the (not soon enough) departure of Portland's Pederast in Chief, I will pour a double of Bushmills, light a Fuente 858 maduro, crank up "The Flight of The Walkuries" and offer up a short prayer that stumptown will learn a lesson from this. (I doubt it will though.)

As for his successor, IF that person is just as mendacious, profligate, and copper-bottomed Socialistic, THEN said successor will, justifiably, be the recipient of an equal portion of wrath.

It remains to be seen.

Oh good, I see we have yet another right-wing outrage filled poster on board. Or Chuckie changed his screen name.

Looking forward to you using Socialist in every single post. Should be entertaining.


Namecall, blameshift, equivocate,cower in corners, or whine much?

Such tolerance for contrary thought from a liberal.

Didn't namecall, labled, just like you did. I don't do the personal attack thing like some here. You do appear to be right-wing, and you seemed to be filled with outrage. I have no problem with contrary thought. Key word, "thought". On this particular site, your views are more the norm, mine the "contrary".

Looking forward to your intelligent observations on the issues.

Oh great, now Warner gets into the portion of the dialectic dealing with "no, I DIDN'T", "yes you DID".

With a not unexpected sojourn into the "nine out of ten dentists agree" argument rebuttal.

Weak innoculation, Pal.

"Right-wing"? The term is "constitutionalist" or "conservative".

"Outrage-filled"? Pffffft. Filled with Guinness and brats, or piss and vinegar, maybe.

I just have a low tolerance for mendacious, duplicitous, redistributionist predatory pederasts in public office.

Keep the greasy paws of such people away from the public exchequer and off of children and my umbrage will be focused elsewhere.

I remain unswayed from my view that the "tolerant" Left is not, and any dissent from their increasingly rabid perspective will generate repressive responses.

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