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July 02, 2011


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You must have been up on 82nd and Foster Rd.

big deal

Was the pic taken near PSU?

You have what look like womens attire scattered over a glass knobbed dresser; a bag of pens, a pompous novel--of the kind Lit profs like to assign undergrads; a dry-erase board; some tanning lotion(?); not to mention the car itself seems like a chickmobile.

It's either the property of a female undergrad, the current mayor of Portland, or Sun Koo Kim who was busted for being a panty thief.


thats my car you bastid

the owner of this car could easily be a resident of the Stewart Hotel

Who cares? You are an old fuddy-duddy.

thanks jay...I agree.

This would make a great blog just on its own. How do you come up with this shit? Keep up the good work. Why I find this so interesting, have no clue.

The owner of this car could easily be a resident of "this car".

Please forgive my still-inebriated, not-so-recently deceased youngest brothah. He's still not gotten used to Joe Junior, Bobby and I taking turns at short sheeting his bunk here in Purgatory and alternately sticking his hand in a fishbowl filled with warm watah as we laugh as his pyjamah fronts get sodden with his own urine.

Kick practices her makeup on Teddy's very wide face while Rose, thinking he's the family's St. Bernard dog, attempts to put a leash on him and take him for a walk.

Jack, you're wrong about Rosie, she thinks Teddy is Brummus, my sheepdog.

We also used to laugh at Teddy when his pyjamah fronts got wet with other people's urine. (Chuck Dodd can better explain that when he arrives.)

Teddy is going to have to explain to St. Peter where he keeps coming up with those cases of Jameson's. Personally, I think he's sneaking up to Heaven and raiding St. Michael's stock.

does the car owner use randy's peeing stations or just walk to the nearest doorway?

Incredible. White trash supremo

Seriously? This is what this blog has come to... I used to really enjoy it, but lately its become an outlet for bitching about everything possible, and an advertisement for the new online KISN. Please go back to the fun/interesting post...

Mind your own business, Asshole!

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