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August 31, 2011


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Sorry to hear of this! I pray for the comfort of family and friends during this time.

Yes, Amen Bob....so very sad.

Do we need more of a reason to send every illegal alien back to the country they came from. The illegals sneak across our borders, drink and get drunk, smoke illegal substances or worse, commit break-ins and other crimes and Obozo welcomes them with open arms.

How many more of out upstanding American citizens will they have to kill before something is done.

La Raza my ass.

You won't be seeing Sam Adams, the Portland City Council, or Kitzhaber doing a damned thing other than shedding a few crocodile tears and saying how tragic this is for the family of the victim. The city of Portland and the governor of Multnomah County won't boot out even one illegal or shut down the hiring center on MLK.

Isn't one-party politics just GRRRRREAT?

I remember John when he worked for Fred Meyer. Amazing person. Here was a man who always help local charities and food banks. How sad is this? Very sad.

Don't go blaming this on our president! Illegals have been coming over for a long long time. It's political for sure, but it's every politician not one party or one person.

Mr. Zupan's family has my prayers.

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