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August 31, 2011


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Boy actually looks better withOUT hair.

He was, and likely still is, one of the friendliest, warmest, most genuine entertainers I ever met. And despite his totally confident image in concert, he may have had one of the most fragile personalities I ever experienced. Like the rest of his fans, I wish him the best in his battle with one of life's most devastating afflictions.

Listened to the new album yesterday. It's a really really great album and should be checked out.
Last 2 albums were his best stuff he has ever recorded though hard to beat "Wichita Lineman","Galveston" and "Where's The Playground Susie"

I know the guitar and this guy is truly one of the best!

Campbell held his own against John Wayne in "True Grit". No slouch as an actor as well.

His appearances on Ytube with the Wichita? Orchestra are astounding.....I may have the city wrong. But very nice material...JIMMY Webb told his father he wanted to stay in LA
and pursue a career on songwriting.Jimmy's Dad reportedly replied
'This songwriting is gonna break your heart, son."
Oops! Doh!
Don't listen to people...They merely wanna hear themselves talk.
Jimmy made Glen Campbell's career.

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