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August 30, 2011


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John built a great company. I worked on Macadam many years ago and thought the world of him and his family. Horrible news.

What this doesn't say is that the perp was drunk and an illegal alien. And I do mean ILLEGAL.

Please let it be known, the offending driver is being held on an INS hold as an Illegal Alien and this type of needless event is all to common around Oregon, has been for many years and just now is impacting the Portland area.

Think of all the ruined lives and for what?

John Z is really one of the good ones and I pray for a full & complete recovery. He's a real class act and thats truly a rarity these days.

Damned good racecar driver, too,....:)

Our prayers go up to this wonderful citizen, Mr. Zupan and his family!!

I'll bet the Perp has NO Insurance.

Illegal. Now we can feed and medicate him for 30 years.

Can you scumbags leave the political jabs out of one post?!? Have some respect, you sick selfish, freaks.

John was my boss, he's dead, and its sad because he was a considerate, funny, brave man who led from the front.


Condolences, to be sure, go out to the family, friends and employees of Mr. Zupan.

However, the fact that the man who caused Mr.Zupan's death was illegal-a witting disrespector of the laws of the country and the state-IS pertinent.

That the very Liberal Democrats prefer to aid and abet these disrespectors of this country's laws rather than supporting their enforcement is relevant as well.

That your nerves are raw due to this untimely incident is understandable, but the scattershot calling of posters "scumbags" and "sick, selfish, freaks" does your request for a more respectful tone no good.

Besides, I may be mistaken, but I don't think Sam Adams hasn't made a post on this thread yet.

My husband and I have shopped at Zupan's for quite some time.We were sorry to see the Beaverton store close. We travel to Mccadam ave. and shop there. They have a great deli and meat department. we always order our Thanksgiving turkey from Zupan's. We never met John but it's nice to know that he was so well thought of by his employees. Our prayers are with his family.

I had an employee in Texas that allowed her 15 year old son to take the family car out and joyride. Her response to my questioning her tolerence was "boys will be boys". I inquired about her financial responsibilty if an accident ocurred and was informed they would change their name and flee like the last time it happened because insurance is for anglos!

"insurance is for anglos" damn right! yes we can!

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