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October 17, 2011


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Where was this?

was underneath a bridge, maybe the Hawthorne or Morrison? Nobody went there because it was a dump back when I was a kid. Oaks Park ONLY!

The Imperial skating rink was located between Grand Ave. & the old Union Ave.(MLK) just under the on-ramp to the Morrison Bridge... It was a beautiful rink inside, huge mirror-ball & GREAT pipe organ (seen on the right). They had a Grand March nightly & if you were in Grade School then ,it was the "IN" spot every Friday Night. The rink was never a dump, the neighborhood was a little "walk-on-the-wild-side". But we kids didn't care, we had tons of fun there. I remember the rink fondly. It still may be there for indoor roller hockey today. Thanks Stump!

Great place for a ten year old's birthday party back in 1963!

George is right: it was a great place to skate and the neighborhood back then (late 50's/early 60's) was just fine.

once a month, as i remember.... early 60s.... the school safety-patrol kids were all bussed down there and given free rain. better rink for a kid as it was closer in. but the oaks was bigger and cooler. just couldn't ride your bike to it. though it did have the built-in ability of a "floating floor". this saving it from more than one flood. some of them there pre-hippie for-fathers were kind-of creative, don't you think......?
but then maybe all those birkenstock-starbucking-malcontents actualy started out in places the likes of of say..... New York, San Diego, Denver, Seattle....
not realy cut from true Portland Stock, hea.....

(smile.......your on portlandea)

I have fond memories of all the rinks in Portland. Love the Imperial and the Oaks.
I also remember the Organ Grinder Pizza Company on 82nd. I was fortunate to come across some Organ Grinder LP's.
ps. to the person referring to the Imperial as a "dump." please don't refer to my childhood nostalgia as such. This is your opinion.

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