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October 25, 2011


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I guess now we know why Superman never turned his back to Jimmy.


Er..."The Vacuum Cleaner"? "The Hammer Song"? Was this a comedy LP? Or was Jimmy/Jack sneaking more than a bit of "Pride" into his music?

I have never commented here, but the comments above are really terrible. So what if he is gay? Big deal.

Screw off Hippie.

If I'm not mistaken, Jack was from Salem. His "Hammer Song" was the old Trini Lopez and Peter Paul and Mary hit, "If I Had A Hammer". The song got airplay for a short time on several stations in Oregon, although it never became a "hit". Jack was an amazingly talented guy. I wasn't aware that he went on to play the role on Superman. "Stumptown" is a resource for amazing information when it isn't plagued by the petty exchanges that seem to be taking place here more frequently.

According to Wikipedia, Larson was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Beverley Hills and graduated from Montebello High.

It's just interesting to observe the song titles and the order in which they were placed, in light of Jack's so-stated "inclinations". Accidental? The shot taken-or joke made- by a record producer? Who knows?

Oh, and Jack didn't play Superman, he played the photog Jimmy Olson.

So that's why Superman never picked up soap in the shower

the album is NOT the Jack Larson from Superman, by the way

HEY EVERYONE -- This Jack Larson, the singer and impressionist who appears on this album is NOT the Jack Larson of Superman fame. He is the Jack Larson credited on an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show titled 'Big Max Calvada' (Season 3, 1963). To the best of my knowledge, he never appeared on TV before or since, though I would love to know if he did or not.

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