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November 29, 2011


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"The locations will be rebranded as Einstein or Noah’s stores."

That may have been the plan...but I predict enough of a blowback from customers and the local foodie press that ENBG will back off - at least long enough to figure if they can use the Kettleman model to reboot one of their existing banners.

Like many others, I've driven far past one or more Noah's to get to a Kettlemans. Maybe not New York perfect, but a damned sight better than the dough pillows we'll be left with if ENBG flips the stores.

Any time a local small business is bought out by a national chain, we all lose.

If they change the recipes from Kettleman's to Noah's, they will fold in short order.

Kettleman's has been the closest thing to a real New York bagel (such as H&H) that Portland has seen since Harry Mosler passed on.

Noah's OTOH, is nothing but a doughnut-shaped soft roll and generic at best.

went once, when they took over the donut shop (where I went everyday) in Hillsdale. never went back.

Best bagels in Portland. If you have not have their biali, grab one before they change the recipe.
Friends from NY could never eat a bagel in Portland...they love Kettleman's. Noah's and Ensteins
just are not not close.

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