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January 17, 2012


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I worked at the Vaughn St. Montgomery Store in the 70's. We worked on the top floor in the "Phone Room". Took orders all night and sent them down a conveyer belt to be air tubed to the floors below to be filled. Had some interesting calls and we also witnessed out the window a rape in progress and was able to get the police their to save the victim and arrest the man. Also had a bird's eye view of the mountain blowing on May 18, 1980. It was quite a job and have lots of memories of that old building.

I always looked forward to looking through the new Wards catalog when it arrived in the make.

still have two radios i bought at the wards store on vaughn street, sometime in the early 80's back when they still called it montgomery wards! and they both still work too!

hey, where's the lingerie section? always the first place I looked.

When a young girl of about age 8-10 years, my girlfriends & I would flip pages of the Wards or Sears catalog to the ladies fashions section & make favorite choices of the illustrated fashions. We would take turns to make a "first choice". When we played "paper dolls", we designed paper cutout dresses influenced by the catalog designs. We then improvised mini-drama skits using our paper costumed dolls. Being "bored" was an unknown word to us. Lucky me!

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