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February 27, 2012


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I don't believe Ford took a dime - directly or indirectly - of the government bailout $$.

Ford didn't take any bailout money,

As for our (The US Taxpayer) cut, it went to the unions to payoff all the help with Obozo's campaign.

Ford didn't take any money. And i believe it was a good move on the government part o not let these guys fail.

This from the Associated Press, which is in the business of getting it right, not telling people what they want to hear:

Chrysler and Fiat have paid back all but $1.3 billion of Chrysler's $12.5 billion bailout — with taxpayers likely to be out the rest. The Italian automaker got control of Chrysler by buying 23.5 percent of the company from the U.S. and Canadian governments, after receiving an initial 20 percent stake in exchange for management expertise and technology, then 15 percent for meeting performance targets.

The government has recouped more than $22 billion of its nearly $50 billion GM bailout, after agreeing to take stock in return for most of its investment. The government would get an additional $13.5 billion if it sold its remaining stock at current value. It is waiting for the stock price to rise before doing so, meaning the final cost to taxpayers is unknown.

So, Steve...

Since the federal government came to the rescue of the auto industry...how about grocery stores? This industry is sucking it but no help seems to be forthcoming from the feds. Maybe the clerks union didn't give enough money to the Obozo campaign.

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