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February 27, 2012


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as a life long portland beavers fan, i have one of these and 3 other ones as well as many more beaver items! another year without baseball in portland is pathetic! send foregin soccer back to europe where it belongs! bring back our BEAVERS!

But A (May I call you A)...

If they send soccer packing then they'll have to remake Civic Stadium for like the third time in a decade or just bomb it and build condos there.

But Joel (May I call you Joel?) if they remade it for a third time for baseball (my choice for sure!), you know the old saying,"Third Time's A Charm"!, maybe, otherwise the second option (bombing it) would create "a(hole)" in the ground untill the condos or what ever replacement plan was compleated!

i remember 2 baseball renovations at civic, the first was about 1982 or 83 they put on a new roof and new astro turf and refurbished the restrooms, then about 1995 when the rockies came they added the huge skyboxes,and added yet more restrooms soon after they added the widmer pub, with the bar made form the seats ripped out for the skyboxes, then about 2007 new state of the art astro turf, which is now all wasted on foregin soccer!

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