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May 31, 2012


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yes everyone knows we are much better off with obummer! never mind gas is 4.30 a gallon! never mind we are trillions more in debt, never mind the fact that unemployment is way past the 8 perent they report! nevermind your 401k is going to be a 201k again! yup! things are just great! oh and dont forget the 50 percent increase in food prices!

Oh, wait! I first thoight you said "hang him upside down"! But, no, you're waaay too polite.

John, all of what you typed is because of Republican policies and after 2 terms of George Bush, there is NO WAY President Obama can fix what it took 8+ years to create. When die hard, blind sided lock-step Republican supporters actually wake up, I mean really actually wake up - then maybe we'll see some progress. But to even watch the fools that jump on the Mitt Romney band wagon, just because there is nobody else, is totally laughable. Be very happy Rick Santorum is gone. But the real point is the Republican vs Democrat scene in this Country is a crying shame. So don't blame Obama for the ill will of this country because it has been this way long before he became President.

Worst President in history

you with the name alien support one in our highest office?

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