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May 31, 2012


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I posted this somewhere else, but it bears repeating:

I worked at KOIN 20 years, always inspired and encouraged by Mike's humanity and professionalism. Together with Dale Birkholz, I spent a month with Mike in Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia. I field-produced and second-reported during Governor Atiyeh's trade mission to the Middle East. Mike's credibility and winning personality paid a very real goodwill dividend during this long and challenging assignment. He's a fine reporter, a better man and I'm proud to be Mike Donahue's friend.

Oh, mike donahue. I like mike. I was thinking of the other donahue.

What a true gentleman and role-model. Mike Donahue stood for all that is wonderful & special about Portland.
They just don't make em' like that anymore. I never met you, but I believe you are an honest and fair man.
Enjoy your years ahead... You deserve the BEST !

Mike: You are for many of us still here, a part of a Portland long gone. A decent and small town Portland, where you could run into friends at the Lloyd Center, even if you grew up away from there. A city that didn't use WEIRD as a moniker. Please enjoy the rest of your life.

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