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June 21, 2012


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On more than a few occasions, doctors I've seen can't fix my problems. I've gotten to the point where I now go on-line and find the solution myself! It takes time but I'm finding the web, becoming my favorite doctor!

Since you labeled this article with your "Backseat ____" May we please see the picture? lol

The problem is doctors must constantly protect against yahoos who file lawsuits for any -- often any made up -- problem. Medicine is as much art as science and sometimes it takes more than one visit to get a problem fixed.

Add to this, we need more doctors than we have (and Obozocare will cost us doctors) and you begin to understand why more and more often we're seeing physicians assistants and nurse practitioners.

Using assistants a physician is able to run more patients through the system thus making more money to fight the yahoos and cut down the patient load.

I think this was your best post to date on the blog.

Thank goodness you don't have to deal with the VA. You would not only not see the doctor, but he would have never called you to address your concerns.

Maybe the new doctor will let you smoke cigars again... that would be nice.

I've never had those problems with my doctor. He actually sits down with me and spends time talking to me.

I suspected that I had MS for over 15 years until a neurologist confirmed it last year. If that self-righteous quack I was going to had sent me to a neurologist instead of blowing me off, he could have been a HERO. 'Nuff said.

YESSSSSS! Doctor's forget they are in effect "at will" employees and can and should be fired for neglect or incompetence. Fortunately I have one of the world's great PCs.

40 mg of daily of b p medicine havfen't been asked in for more than a year all they wants is my $

Don't look now Jonny but your BP medicine isn't working.

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