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June 30, 2012


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I'll be in line for sure!

He ran his parents Yaw's into the ground. It had nothing to do with the freeway...I was at the court hearing.....Ask me I will tell you. Many are still suffering financially from his actions. I have a very good friend who worked there for 18 years...and she said, just yesterday most of the former employers are old now or dead..He is such a liar.....Shame on him...

I don’t know what the mystique is about. They opened a store in the Lloyd Center in the 1980’s and it was a bust. The food was mediocre and the service was terrible. Forget about it, you can’t go back in history.

Having grown up in NE Portland near Grant High School, I remember that Yaw's was always "the place" to go. The idea that this legendary restaurant is making a return to Portland is exciting on many levels. A distinctly Portland "institution" goes back into business after being dormant for many years......this is a very rare occurrence for any business, especially in Portland, and should be celebrated. The retro concept being planned is very clever and seeks to bring back a nostalgic period that appeals to many generations. Even the menu being prepared reflects careful thought to both yesterday's and today's trends while still retaining the distinct Yaw's traditions (I.e. fries and gravy, Green Rivers, baked goods, etc.). The Grand Opening is coming soon, and I am REALLY looking forward to Yaw's return!! Save me a double cheeseburger and fries!!!

Well said, "PDX Native '71" !! I too, am a Portland Native...(though a little ahead of '71)...and am also really looking forward to Yaw's making their comeback soon!! I was not around when Yaw's had to close down in the 1980's, so I know nothing about the "hows and whys"...nor was I here when they had a restaurant in Lloyd Center, but I very much remember the 50s and 60s when they were very strong in the Hollywood District!! ...Have also appreciated so many articles found on this Blog site...with so many POSITIVE comments too! Sounds like the City of Roses will indeed get to taste those JUICY hamburgers and green rivers again! While we wait just a little longer, HUGE thanks goes out to Mr. Stump for posting pictures and keeping us all informed...appreciated visiting that Yaws website too that you posted!

R Hoffart is right ! . I go back to the 1940's and 1950's. WP and Page Yaw would have been ashamed of what happened. Can't stuff your profits up your nose !

Meant to say Bob Karm is correct. He and I know the story !

I was a westside kid and visited Yaw's all of once but I have to agree with Ralph Kramden. I'm afraid the times have passed Yaw's by. There's a reason 50s radio doesn't work any longer and there's a reason you can't go back and revisit a 50s and 60s restaurant...even one that was an icon of the times. I'm sure Yaw's will be a curiosity for a brief time then will fade into the background.

25-54...that's the demographic that rules the world and it's a demographic that doesn't remember and, more over, doesn't give a hang about Yaw's.

Look at the Skyline (formerly The Speck) out here. It's basically a return to yesterday and you can walk in anytime. People say the food is a shadow of what it was...the question is, is it a shadow of what they remember it was.

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