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July 11, 2012


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Obozo's attacks on Romney's days at Bain are just another silly attempt to change the subject from what Obozo cam't discuss...the economy and employment. They are also a big reason that Obozo will not be re-elected.

Romney's a sleeze. You're kidding ourselves.

JolinPDX- You are a witty dog to your few friends with the Obozo coments but most intelligent people can make their point without the denigration of a person that was voted the President. I can't wait for your responce, I sure it will be very clever.

Mr. Liberal...

When's the last time you blasted someone for calling Romney Mittens Robme? Yeah, that's what I thought. Kind of depends on whose ox is being gored doesn't it? Is that clever enough for you?

Do I hate Obozo? Yep. I sure do. He never was qualified to be president and has spent the last three and a half years doing nothing but spending like crazy and passing -- or trying to pass -- laws that will make the US of A just like Greece, Spain or Italy.

So, you see, just because the people of the US were dumb enough to buy his "hopey, changey" BS doesn't protect him from denigration. In fact, in the greatest tradition of the US it puts him on the line.

What's funny is that as it becomes more and more clear that he will lose to Romney, you liberals complain even more about him being called Obozo, Obummer, Ozero and Liar in Chief. Keep on fighting for your boy and don't forget to order bread with your whine on November 7th.

Still no explanation from ol' "expert" Joel, or any REAL knowledgable suggestions or actual talk of economic policies, modality redemption, faulty lending swaps, housing negligence, derivatives, banking deregulation, reverse trimetrics or anything. Nothing. Because Joel has no REAL idea. Just a lot of hot air and talk behind a screen about things he has ZERO actual knowledge of.
Nope, just outright nonsensical bullshit like normal.
Tell me, Joel, do you feed yourself that bullshit when there's no computer around to try and act tall behind? Do you really believe all the Faux News rubbish you spew?
Because it's comical how out of touch you are.
Do I like Obama? No. Do I think "RMoney" is going to win? No.

Because most of this country is smarter than you, Joel.
But, you keep talking smack and typing angry fifth grade insults towards anyone that will listen to your incessant, curmudgeonous crap. Crap that is never backed up by facts or data.
Why? Because you have zero clue what you are actually talking about.

You are a conservative tool.

No dane, I haven't a clue about modality redemption, faulty lending swaps, housing negligence, derivatives, banking deregulation, or reverse trimetrics. I doubt you do either. At least I was smart enough not to mention something I know nothing about. I scraped my way through Econ 201.

Still, I don't need to understand all of that bugaboo you mentioned to know that the national debt is at a record high and that most of the blame goes to Obozo and his so-called "stiumulus." I don't have to know squat about economics to know that the unemployment rate is above eight percent for the 41st straight month or that U-6 -- the real unemployment rate -- (as computed by Obozo's BLS) is at almost 15 percent. So why don't you take your reverse trimetrics and stick 'em where the sun don't shine.

As for "RMoney," I'm waiting for one of the liberal yahoos to come down on you for being so unquestionably fifth grade. By the way, I didn't vote for GW Bush in 2000 or 2004 and I rarely watch Fox News. I would say I actually watch BSNBC as much as Fox but then BSNBC is a whole lot funnier.

Your are a liberal jerk.

Wow. Thought I was the only sane liberal reading this blog.....

We all have our form of a "wall" that we hide behind, whether it be in the guise of a mask, a veil, a hood or even a "stage persona", in order to protect our real identity-our own true self. The computer seems to be the 21st Century version of that wall...that disguise. We chose our pseudonym, and then, in total anonymity, troll the "neighborhoods", the multitude of "sites" available at a fingers touch, on a myriad of various topics and subjects, and then proceed to blast total strangers for what they think, for their opinions and for what they believe without the fear of being exposed or ever discovered. My most enjoyable remarks, accusations and implications are from those who seem to have the inner intelligence, not to mention the presumptive audacity, to tell me what I think or what I believe! It seems that it's far easier to "stereotype" someone, to "typecast" them and/or to assign them their "box" than it is to take the time to listen, to understand, to tolerate any opposing view or simply respect another person's opinion other than their own. It's that old "My way or the highway" attitude..."I'm better than you are!"..."You're just a butt-head!"...it's almost like dealing with a child and their mentality..."I know you are, but what am I?"

"A simple rule for dealing with those that are hard to get along with is to remember that this person is striving to assert his superiority; and you must deal with him from that point of view."
(Alfred Alder 1870-1937)

Of course, on the other hand, maybe Samuel Goldwin had it right all along..."I may not always be right, but I'm NEVER wrong!"

I like this site when it centers on Portland, its humor and its history...not when it becomes a vehicle for political opinion and grandstanding. Is that so wrong?

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