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July 30, 2012


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As a political commentator, you have an EXCELLENT old Portland photo site.

Maybe you should stick with what you do best.

Some of us are thrilled with gridlock in DC ...for the good of the country.

Nice pics...political leanings...not so much.

So how much time or money did you put in to make StunmptownBlogger a reality? Oh, none. Shut your pie hole then. Dave creates the blog and he can put anything on it he damned well pleases. No one makes you click on this site.

yea!!! what he said!!!

It is VERY sad that someone might actually think a win-lose concept will work. I'm a Republican and not a big Obama fan but come on pal, make some sense. Grid lock does nothing but hurt America and J. D., that includes you.

This generation doesn't have a clue what the term "statesmanship" means... And the "leadership" on *both* sides of the aisle have forgotten it, too. Sad...

Grid lock is far better than letting Obama & Pelosi have their way. Tried that, didn't work so well. And I love how "progressives" are all for free speech...as long as it agrees with THEIRS.

Start a political discussion...then complain when someone disagrees.

THAT'S the lib way, isn't it?

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