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August 22, 2012


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Uhhhhh....Try something new and get your facts correct. Nighline and Kimmel are swapping timeslots. Sheeesh you are as about as bad as that tinfoil hat wearing Jack Bogdansky.

Geez Ted, could you be more of a butthole.

Ted you stupid prick. The story is correct. ABC is dumping Nightline to put Kimmel in against Letterman and that lame idiot Leno.

Wow Charter, before you make yourself look like a complete idiot you probably should do some fact checking for yourself...Nightline is MOVING to 12:35 AM.


Par for the course on this page, Jay.
Fact checking? Never.

Dean is honked off because his favorite little libtard Jeff isn't getting praise for being a hot-headed jerk.

Dean, you should understand. "Nightline" as we've known it will end. It's kind if like your boy Barry says Ryan will end Medicare as we know it...except that when Obozo says it, it's a lie.

Wow, Joel, kind of a stretch. Do you get a nickel every time you blather the ever so original "Obozo" line that you are so find of you have to reference it even when the subject has ZERO to do with it.
Your white privilege is a bad look, sir.

Again, and for the last time so put your glasses on, Obomber is a bum, so is RMoney and his less racist, misogynist Dr. Paul.

IS that clear for the fourth time? Not an Obama fan, sporto. Like I said, Jeff. short on facts around here.

Dean, really, you need to chill. You're head is truly very close to exploding. You're ranting. You're ignoring those squiggly red lines that alert you to spelling errors. You're making little, if any, sense.

For future posts: Type. Proofread. Make corrections. Consider how anemic your posts are. Delete.

Uhhhhh..... JoelinPDX do the words pot... kettle... black... mean anything to you ?

Nope Ted. Do the words Butt and Hole mean anything to you.

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