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October 04, 2012


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I always loved Spy vs Spy and folding the back cover to reveal the picture. My favorite was the Presidental campaign of 1972. The folded covered reveal the Statue of Libery with tears rolling down her face.

First issue was 1955? but on the cover it also says No.24?

Just like Mad to try to confuse -

The first 23 issues were 10 cent comic books. Issue #24 was a 25-cent magazine.

I own an April, 1956 issue with a real advertisement for Bogen Hi-Fis in it.

Don's right and for a little more clarification I'm going to share a link to my Mad Cover Site (madcoversite.com) for anyone wanting to see what the actual first issue 60 years ago looked like...

@Doug Gilford

Would you be the same Doug Gilford that carpets people's floors?


What is raving these hard American days and nights are a Presidential win!! (Mr.) Kelly Freas (pronounced "freeze") was born in 1922 in New York state. Raised in Canada, he ended up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after stints in college and the Army. He was always more interested in drawing than in Engineering or Medicine, and he got a job at an advertising agency doing just that. And he went back to school at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh;” is madly known here on Http://www.bpib.com/illustrat/freas.htm!! What is real American as a real Senator former; …”The humorous aspects of his work landed him a job at Mad Magazine in 1957 (not 1955 as often stated elsewhere). He'd just won his first two Hugo Awards for Best Professional Artist in 1955 and 1956;” and as former Senator of Texas; … “1959 and had a portfolio of his artwork published. The science fiction digests and all types of paperback covers became his venue of choice in the Sixties.” Mr. Freas; today and everday loved painting a new satirical theme to show American care and involvement on real, hard to the money need for Democracy and was won by American heart as one of the best Illustrators to date!! In further reading of a true Giant in American Illustration; “In 1971, he published a selection of his b&w illustrations for Astounding called The Astounding Fifties. In 1977, he wrote Frank Kelly Freas - The Art of Science Fiction, which, despite the broad title was actually a personal memoir of his art. Beautifully and richly illustrated, the text chronicled his career in anecdotal style and was annotated with additional hand-written commentary. Frank Kelly Freas - A Separate Star came out in 1984 with a similar down-to-earth approach. In 1990 he republished The Astounding Fifites”!! With real American Brain; he drew on soft-pencil first; and later light acrylic and highlighted rare People including in the same era a new razor in the Political Area! Mr. Premier of the Moscow 09of the Kremlin; Nikita Khrushchev!! (Who decided and secretly wrot to the Major founder of Mad Magazine; Mr. William Marvin Gaines; and with the top Editor and as said oh wow!; Mr. Albert Bryan Feldstein accepted his new friend in comic approach to politics)!! In translation in Russian Mad means hot bull and move out!!

(Mr.) ”Harvey Kurtzman (October 3, 1924, Brooklyn, New York – February 21, 1993) was an American cartoonist and editor of comic books and magazines … by the same web; Kurtzman met Alfred Andriola in 1942,; … (brother to the famed Artist who painted more than 100 outstanding entry to one America’s most notable and well deserved in American and World Wide syndication by the early and Top Movie Conglomerate Warner Brothers Company; and headed a rare children’s charity; for homeless and adopted mind young and bursting with interest!!””!! With Mad Power pay in real American savy; the Magazine that launched 800-million sales in 59-Years; was awarded respect; and raided for only one English Crew of amazing talent – the Master full mind of Cracked Magazine!!

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