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November 28, 2012


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Well, so much for growing old gracefully.

im gonna have to guess the bottom photo was taken a while back not when she was 81?

Holy crap. I googled her. That pic was taken just 7 years ago.

so she was 74 in that pic? or maybe that pic was published 7 years ago? still kinda hard to believe she was 74 in that photo!

you need to google her. Holy schnikie! Trust me, she's 74 in that pic. there are also topless pics of her at that age, and all I say is I wish I looked like that now and I'm only 59!

I thought the lower picture was just another fellow drag queen!

Is that really YOU Darcelle? I'm a FB fan and wrote you about the time you threw me out of your club...

Is that really YOU Darcelle?

please let us all hope not! after the chuckie crap this board cannot take anymore crap!

Enough of the whining john.

See what you did by dumping Chuckie, Dave? You gave john a feeling of empowerment. He thinks he can whine anyone he wants off your site.

no joe you are 100 percent wrong! chuckie proved to us and mr. stump he was not capable of intelligent conversation on this board! i have no power on this board! that is up to mr. stump, who will use it as heneeds! joe, i hope you figure that out soon!

She was very attractive when she was younger. Now she looks like a worn out old 82nd Street prostitute.
Or, Angry Johns wife. Tee hee :)

Could somebody please answer the question as to who this asshole John is. What a complete idiot he is. Surely someone must know him and could ask him to stop posting on this site. I am sick and tired of his stupid petty, and mean comments. I think we have ascertained that nobody with this amount of time could possible have a job or a family. John if you are taking your anti-anger medicine tonight could you please tell us about yourself. At least Chuckie was very honest about his life and activities. But John, you sound like a mole, who sits all day in a dingy little apartment, waiting to post something mean so you can high five yourself. Give it a rest or please explain who you are and why you have anger issues.

stephen/chuckie dont you worry one little bit about who i am!

chuckie honest? really? you really believed all that crap? how could you? did you vote for obama too?

No, it really isn't Darcelle, but I just couldn't resist signing Walter's name after seeing that photo of Mamie! It's just that it was the first thing that came to my mind...sorry. Do forgive me, Mr. Cole, for "impersonating" you!!!

john, what I'm really trying to figure-out is just what you are trying to say in your posts. Really, what you need to do is go back and take elementary school English and learn some simple things like punctuation and capitalization.


John needs to leave the site. He brings everyone down and contributes nothing.

no stephen aka chuckie i will never leave this site! you can take that to the bank!

pinky you might be a bit confused, i think he was talking about me! lol! and im with pinky on this one too! only when you pry my mouse from my cold dead hand!

Go away Toilet John, and take pinky with you. Why stay when everyone hates you and wants you to die and go to hell and burn forever.

stephen, why would you say evereyone hates me?? have you not been paying attention here? only one person, chuckie hated me,because i called himon his vulgar posts! he name is gone but he keeps coming back under new names! but he wont change his message, aka toilet john and such! makes it pretty easy to spot!, and why pick on pinky? he stuck up for me, (thanks again pinky!) and i will do the same for him!

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