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November 30, 2012


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so the kisn survey said 1967, is that when the photo was taken? i remember seeing the tree a few times in vancouver, out near hazel dell?


The KISN Carol Tree debuted at 7:30pm on November 24, 1961. 4,000 lights were used.
1961 700 S.E. 122nd Ave. & Stark - U-Save Membership Department Store.
1962 Downtown corner of Broadway, near the Benson Hotel.
1963 831 N.E. 27th Ave. & Sandy Blvd. - Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company (The Real Don Steele lit the tree).
1964 S.W. Parkway Drive - Cedar Hills Shopping Center (Tiger Tom Murphy lit the tree).
1965 1313 N.E. 122nd Ave. - Marv Tonkin Ford.
1966 Hwy. 99 - 99 Strip in Vancouver (Hazel Dell).
1967 101 S.E. 82nd Ave. & E. Burnside - Safeway Shopping Center (Rick Nelson lit the tree, brother David Nelson was on hand).
1968 1321 N.E. Couch St. - Portland Bottling Co. (7UP, Diet Rite, Hires, Crush, Squirt, Double Cola, Like)
1969 4401 S.W. 110th Ave. - Villa-Mart Shopping Center (between Canyon Rd. & Bertha-Beaverton)
1970 S.E. 82nd & King Rd. - Southgate Shopping Center.
1971 4033 S.W. Canyon Rd. - Western Forestry Center.
1972 122 N.E. 122nd Ave. - Ron Tonkin Chevrolet (Roy Clark lit the tree).
1973 3016 S.E. Division - Smith's Home Furnishings.
1974 185th & Cornell Rd. - Tanasbrook Townhouse Condominiums.
1975 On Canyon Rd. at a car dealership.

Thank you Craig Addams....you always add so much with your Historical references here on the Stump!

yes thanks for posting this craig, though i thought the tree was in vancouver more than once, we must have saw it a second time somewhere in portland to long ago to remember i guess!

Photo taken in 64

1969 - The Villa-Mart Shopping Center is actually on the corner of Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway (then called Bertha-Beaverton Highway) and Western Avenue (although I'm not sure if Western Avenue was there in 1969). It is now a Bi-Mart store and the Sunset Bingo Parlor.

It is on the side of the road opposite the side that would put it between Canyon Rd. and Bertha-Beaverton. Bertha was a little community that sat pretty much where Hillsdale is today. The highway ran from Beaverton to Bertha...hence the name.

I saw the Carol Tree in 1961 at the U-Save Deptment Store.

Next Christmas it will be twinkling to the sound of Kisn inside Yaw's

Great catch Joel! You're right! Sometimes there is a problem finding the actual address. Never could find the address for "Southgate Shopping Center." I had always believed since I put the KISN Carol Tree List together years ago that Beaverton Villa-Mart was in the old Baza'r location. That name and Valu-Mart later, threw me off course. Now I remember where Villa-Mart was so I found that address which was: 200 S.W. Western Ave. (at Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy.) Thanks Joel!

That is Dick Sainte, only half his face is visible, standing next to Frank Benny. The picture, by Gino Rossi of course, was taken Thanksgiving evening of 1964. The Dave Clark Five had appeared the night before at The Civic Auditorium.

Thanks also, Craig.

My head was splitting trying to remember the name of the store from 1961 at 122nd& Stark. The color changes to the radio was a real novelty back then.

While I've purged "U-Save" from my memory storage unit, I do recall Fred Meyer tried an electronics only store there. They would have ONE display item only... and you had to fill out a form and pay for it...then wait for it to be picked from the back room. It didn't last. I think it's a fabric store now.

Ba'azar, Kienow's, Builder's Square, Lampus, Flannigan's, White Front, Pay n Pak, Piggly Wiggly, and of course David Douglas' Malt shop, the Thistle... all gone now.

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