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December 30, 2012


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But how would Cliff Claven know that every man, woman and child...even newborn babies...owes about 52 thousand dollars as his or her share of the national debt? 224 years to get the personal share of the national debt up to 32-thousand dollars and then only four years to increase it by 20 thousand dollars.

But Obozo has it covered. He's going to raise taxes on small businesses making more than $250,000. That will raise him enough to pay his debt for one week. And he absolutely refuses to consider any decreases in spending. It must be so nice to be a fiscally irresponsible Debtocrat.

wait till the stock market drops 1000 points tomorrow and we get yet another credit downgrade! you think its bad now???

"Uh....it's a little known fact that you cannot spend more than you take in... at least forever. And most people have never heard of, "The world's greatest deliberative body."

Apple is up 15! Thats all I give a hoot about

Cluelless john, the mac club restroom toe tapper is at it again...

End the Fed.
Cut military spending.
Bring production back to the U.S.

We can't make money when we don't make anything but crap. Moreover, the crap we do make is made better and cheaper in other places now. The only thing we really make is war and prisons, period.

That and bad choices...

Ok So I Dont Start My New Years Eve Resolution Until Midnight, So SHUT THE F___ UP CHUCKIE! And Happy New Year To Everyone Else!

Well played and said Pinky!

Must have hit a little too close to home for "Pinky"....

Just Tired Of Your S___ CHUCKIE! Im Glad You Admit It! I Hope That Mr Stump Can Rid Us Of You Permanently!

Still not Chuckie, you dummy....

Yes, yes you are. Mr. Stump, if you would like help in getting the IP addresses for the trolls, let me know.
I used to do it for a living.

irving if you are not chuckie then you are a very very close second! but for the record i must state as others have, you are one in the same! even though you have stopped posting in all caps, everything you post oozes chuckie!

have a happy new year too pinky, and all the rest of the normal posters!

Oh geez! You want to know what's going to ruin this blog. It's all of you petty whiners...john and Pinky and Irving and the rest of you. Enough of your crap.


hey tim, i hope mr. stump can get you to help with the ip addys ive suggested it a few times, right after he banned chuckie from here, a few other names showed up, and say just what chuckie used to! chuckie can not help himself, he is very easy to spot under another name! lol!

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