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December 31, 2012


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I am so sorry to hear that Neil the Molester didnt die or gork out from the stroke. He deserves a decade or two in a coma, but awake, aware, and drooling. Neil and his accessories in his molestation should all be held accountable. Neil is an evil man and he deserves the scorn and vilification of all of us. It's so sad that Bob Packwood has been vilified, and was forced to leave the Senate for making a bunch of clumsy passes at women, yet Goldschmidt has never been really held accountable for the multiple rapes of a 13 year old girl. Multiple Rapes which led to the complete destruction of her life and eventual death. But then again Packwood was a Republican and Goldshit was a democrat, so all of the fawning sycophant democrats need to excuse what Neil the Molester did. Never forget portlanders. Never forget. When you see Neil the Molester out in public, something he rarely does, please remember the little girl he raped, and stand up wherever you are, point at him and say over and over again, "Neil you are a rapist". He will leave whatever restaurant or store he is in. I have a friend who did this to him at a restaurant, and Neil left immediately. We need to let him and all predators know that there actions may have passed the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution, but Portlanders are better than that. We remember, and we protect and care for the victims of rapists like Neil the Child Molester. Neil Goldschmidt is a monster, and his place in hell is waiting, and the heat is turning up slowly as the clock ticks down for him to take his seat in a burning eternity for the rape of a beautiful 13 year old girl.

I agree with you 1000% Mom of 4. I have two daughters myself. The name Goldschmidt is synonymous with despicable monster pedophile. He should be in prison. Shame on those parasites who were fawning over him in that photo of him at Hatfields funeral. Maybe they forgot that he is a rapist of baby girls and a killer of souls. Pure Evil.

can't wait for the who knew and when they knew list.

Wait Let Me Get This Straight, You Elected A Rapist For Mayor? And Then For Govenor?

Pinky the fraud strikes again.....

Sorry to hear about his stroke, as I feel for anyone who's struggling with ill health. I say this even though the xxxhole hit on me when I was only 14 years old. Around 1973 I was sitting in the KOIN lobby waiting for my class to begin, when Neil and his entourage come in. Neil's flirtation totally scared and embarrassed me. At 14, I didn't know how to handle that. Wish I knew then what I know now.

I Wish I Would Have Met Neil When I Was 13!

Congrats, Irving, for sticking with your new year's resolution to be an even bigger douchebag.

aww crap i was hoping for a chuckie free new years! almost made it 12 whole hours! hey mr. stump, can we start the new year of right? by getting rid of chuckies access to the great board you have here?

Looks like the angry toilet bowl john is obsessed and stalking the blog to look for Chuckie.

and the chuckster strikes again! nobody but chuckie used that name! and you could say its my mission to make the board better by forcing you off it! mr. stump willing of course!

Fraud Mr. Feldsparr? You Really Take The Cake In That Department. I Knew My Resolution Wouldnt Last, Right After I Opened This Page!

Mom of 4, I don't know if that was a typo or you meant to say "Goldshit" but I have video of Tom McCall calling him that from way back when.

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