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January 29, 2013


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I believe the building was on about 15th and w. Burnside. Did you know that Monte Shelton started B M C on Union Ave. in the 50's

The calendar says NW 20th where Volvo is today. Looking at the building and the sign, I believe that's what this is.

So after them it was Barnard Cadillac and then the Volvo store?

Looks like Monte Sheltons building.

Actually, Monte's was "Monte's Motors" at 33rd and Sandy. BMC on W. Burnside (since the at least the early 60's) was not related. Monte bought BMC sometime in the mid/late 70's.

I believe the 2115 NW 20th address is that of the photographer. Fisher Volvo is at 21st and W Burnside - and would have a SW address. Besides, that building was an Oldsmobile dealership in the 50's.

I'm with Mr. Stump - I can't say I've ever heard of this dealership either.

Roy Burnett had a Chrysler/ Plymouth dealership in (I think) the Old Town area thru the 1970's. Fisher had a dealership on 13th/W. Burnside (Ford).

I believe this is where Powell's is today. There is a stain on the building where the Chrysler sign once was.

Not enough stories to be Fisher building. It's not the Powell's bldg either.

This is totally the Powell's Books parking garage building. Looks pretty much the same. Same parapet, same windows and the earlier commenter about the stain is even true! Too funny! I'm glad it's a survivor!!!

Here's a great side by side comparison.


The Ralph Hoyt Company, a very prominent businessman in Portland at the time, who was also a county commissioner and started one the largest preservation societies for both native and non-native species of plants, named in his honor; Hoyt Aboretum. I have not found much information on any specifics of the Hoyt dealership, but he had more than one brand franchise. One of his dealerships was located on Burnside St. between Union (now M.L.K. Blvd) and Grand Avenues. tThe building and lot still exist, although as a used car lot.

Anyone remember Joe Dobbins car lot on Union Ave. West side just North of Burnside. He had an old Rolls Royce with caning on the back doors. Oh to have that car now!

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