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January 31, 2013


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As it turns out "We Gotta Get Outta This Place" would have been a much more prophetic song than "Someday We'll Be Together" since that was it and KISN had to get out of that place and never again were KISN and it's listeners together.

I don't know that the FCC were bastards. They litigated the matter of Burden playing fast and loose with the rules for years and finally won and set the date for KISN to go off the air. When that time came they pulled the plug.

Maybe if Burden had followed the rules, instead of breaking them every chance he got (rigged contests, double billing, phony station IDs, etc.) KISN could ahve stayed on the air until KGW finally took total control of the Portland market.

Wow with all the shenanigans going on between in-the-bag media and politicians today, the whole Burden Affair probably would be seen as a joke.
Mr. Burden favored Senator Vance Hartke (D-Ind) in 1964 and Oregon's Republican governor, Mark Hatfield, in successful Senate race two years later, the FCC commission said. Mr. Burden was also said to have made illegal corporate gift of $1,000 to Hatfield campaign.
In both campaigns, commission said, "newscasts were used as vehicle to publicize Burden's preferred candidate - not as an exercise of news judgement, but as a deception of the public and to further his private interests."

Sounds like NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC today.

Burden was very close to Hatfield. When Hatfield was asked about Burden, he said "I really don't know the man, talk to my campaign manager Gerry Frank"

They were bastards. You have it in writing.
A- I was the last one in that chair, when they arrived they were arrogant and acted like Hitlers brown shirts.
B- They pulled the plug before the last song could finish.
C- The current staff was INNOCENT during the fiasco as it came to a close. The FCC could have given the signal to a receivership so jobs would of stayed in place. There were many that filed for the temporary ticket. They shut all those jobs off and made Kisn go dark. Yes they totally had it out for Burden but TYPICAL of what these creeps can do with their super powers.

Was the second-to-last song, "She's Gone," by Hall and Oates?

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