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February 27, 2013


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I remember this store very well. Back in '49 and '50, my two brothers and I would trail our
mother around the store, like three ducklings. We were told to never touch anything unless it
was offered to us. Mother received compliments from sales ladies for our manners. which lead
to treats at Woolworth's, later.
We did also shop Lipman Wolfe store near by. Does anyone remember the Christmas Bear?
What a treat that was, to see it at the store. We would listen to the stories on the radio before bed time. Oh, to be five again.

This is actually Lippman's main floor. It's been widely discussed in Dead Memories Portland.
My sister and I both worked there, about 1950 and 1959 respively.

Counter Clerk: (spritz, spritz...)

Mom: Now if we get separated, we'll meet right HERE... "UNDER THE CLOCK".

Me: What's that "Millinery" that the elevator operators keep saying? (I still remember that smell as we pass the makeup counter...)

Elevator Supervisor: "CLICK, CLICK.... Car number 4 going up...." Operator: "Men's Wear, floor five. Next floor, sporting goods...watch your step... Going up... "

my Mother was an employee of M&F in the 50's in the foundations department. Her boss was a real "Simon Legree" who treated all of the ladies in her dept like cattle, with the exception of my Mom, who she really liked. she worked there for 4-5 years making 75 cents an hour. it was not an easy job trying to fit "full figured" ladies into foundation garments, but she developed a clientel over the years. just like a good car salesman, except every corset she sold was new, not used.

It was a wonderful store. I remember riding the Rose City bus downtown with my mom and aunt for the Friday Surprise sale. I got to go to the floor with the TV's. Watched the teens in the rooms play records. We also bought groceries on the lower floor.
Later on, in the 70's, I bought a deer rifle in the Lloyd Center store (lower level). Don't worry, gave up bambicide 34 years ago.

"A faceless Macy's"? I'd say soulless and boring and suburban mall-ish and just plain sad Macy's... Though I'm sure the bean counters in the Midwest would tell us "it's all we could project".
Maybe they're right?

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