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February 26, 2013


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Hi Stump-town Blogger:
In my opinion, I think it was one of the worst decision that the city leaders ever made in kicking the Beavers out of the Stadium in which they played for so many years to make room for the soccer team that has shown nothing in it's years here in Portland. Get rid of Soccer and bring back Baseball. Baseball is an American sport for us to enjoy. Thanks for posting the picture of the 1966 Bevos

Best Regards;

Hal Rambo

right on hal! baseball = america! soccer = euro trash!

this was the second year of my 40+ year of watching the beavers in this year i got autographs from jose vidal, lou pinella and george banks!

"...to make room for the soccer team that has shown nothing in it's years here in Portland." - Hal Rambo

A.) The Timbers have been in Portland since 1975, where have you been?
B.) They have sold out season tickets 3 straight seasons.
C.) Maybe more people should have gone to Beavo games instead of whining about it after the fact. Blame the fan base as well for their opacity.

david, the portland beavers had been in portland since 1903!!!!! thats right 72 years longer than the euro trash timbers! and won 3 pcl championships, also made the playoff many times as well! they promoted good family entertainment! not a bunch of drunks chantng like the caveman days! soccer sucks!

I find it a very commie sport. Give me a glove and bat any day

Notice Lou Pinnela on the line up

Personally, I find soccer boring as well; I was just speaking to facts.
I'm disappointed in the Beavos not being here, very much so.
That being said; I am disappointed in a lot of their so called "fans" coming out of the woodwork AFTER the fact.
If they were there in the first place, filling up those seats, the Beavs would most likely STILL be here.
Blaming the inept city officials (which they are) and a tool with money (like Paulson and his corrupt dad) are just pieces of the reason they are gone. If you are going to boil the pot throw in all the ingredients.
The fans are to blame as well, sad fact.

well if you mean me, david most years i had full season tickets or at least one 20 game book, and that was every year since the mid 60's i did my part as did many others, near the end attendance did pick up, but i must say, as i also thought they would never throw out 107 years of baseball history in the city of portland, for a forein sprort! but then the city of portland never had a pedophile for a mayor, and the beavers never had such a lousy greedy owner, who sold them out! we were all wrong! dead wrong!

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