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February 12, 2013


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Sorry DAVE, it wasnt the owner, it was a spokesman for the restaurant who stood outside and enticed people to patronize it. Unpaid, except for occasional meals at the restaurant.

The Owner has a sign in front advising patrons to vist his business no more than once a month, since eating there is bad for one's HEALTH

ill just keep my killer burgers!

With the picture of the twow aitresses are you sure it was the food that gave him the heart attack......

Owner, spokesperson, who cares. God seems to have a sense of humor after all!!

Hey Bill--you dip shit--it's the difference between being accurate or not. The headline is not accurate--and is in fact misleading. So YEEAH it DOES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. ASSHOLE!

well if ya gotta go, id say this was the way to do it! too bad its a 1000 miles away though!

UG you must be kidding right? they are the best burger in town and the fries are awesome and bottomless, with a great beer selection how can you go wrong?

Killer Burger is not even in the top 5 burgers in town, John. Let's not push it with "the best burger in town" nonsense, because it is far from it.

thomas the foreign soccer lover, maybe you should leave the american hamburgers to americans? im sure you can find some good bangers in england? nothing beats a jose mendoza from killer burger! maybe you should ask someone?

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, you bigoted wash up. Thanks though!
Moreover, the reason why I know? I am a food editor for several companies (FNW, Cooking, PMO, etc)
So I have asked someone...experts.
Killer Burger is alright if you are used to sub-par, burger bar schtick. Apparently that's you, and that's your prerogative, John.

Moreover, here's some places for you to check out, John...these were the places I was referring to.
I have done my homework, FYI.
The new issue of "Cheeseburger Aficionado " will be out in May and the Facebook page is updated weekly. Next time make sure you know who you are talking to before you dare to condescend over the internet, moron.

1. Little Big Burger
2. Foster Burger
3. Cafe Castagna
4. Stanichs
5. Grüner
6. Toro Bravo
7. Le Pigeon
8. Little Bird
9. Slow Bar
10. Yakuza
11. Tasty N Sons
12. Higgin’s Bar
13. Biwa
14. Grain & Gristle
15. Pause
16. Burger Guild
18. Ron's
19. Cascade Burger
20 Skyline

i am i bigot because i like killer burger????? are you a freak? is your name chuckie????

No your a bigot because you have left a trail of past comments promoting as such. The fact that you think Killer Burger is "the best in town" just proves your taste is bland and you need to broaden your horizons.

No, I'm not Chuckie. I'm not using my real name or IP address either, detective. Believe it or not, more than a few people find you and your nonsense insufferable, John.
I'll just try to ignore it from now on.

nonsense? really? i know theres has been more than one john post here, maybe you are confused! any way i stand by my killer burger post, i have never heard of anything on your list by the way!

I'm no fried of john's (as you know if you've read my posts) but I must quibble with your list. #1 Little Big Burger is overpriced and Stanich's is way overrated. Putting it number 6 on your list is a big mistake. I've had three burgers in my life at Stanich's and that was three too many.

Actually, in the interests of my cholesterol number, I no longer eat burgers, but why is Skyline #20? The venerable James Beard called Skyline burgers the best in the country back when and they always were the best burgers at the best price.

why joe, say it aint so joe! i thought we were frieds? deep fried! LOL!

I like Mc donalds! great hamburgers.

oh Noooooooooo Look Who's back its CHHHHHHHHHUCKIEEEEEE! on Your Mom's Pc again, when She went to cash the Welfare Check?

He also likes to go to his namesake and watch the kids play: CHUCKIE CHEEZITS

no hope whatsoever for this thread now, it started out so good!

shut up john you need to kill yourself

On, I agree with that Joel. This list isn't in any particular order, just the top 20 places that have been consistently mentioned.
Personally, my favorites are Ron's, Skyline, and Helvetia Tavern.

Mr. Stump, Time to take out the Trash aka (Chuckie) again.

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