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February 12, 2013


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and now, finally we get to the last pope to be elected!

What kind of a rag is the POST, anyway? I'm not a Catholic nor any other type of Bible waver, but
that front page is just tacky at best. Talk about irreverent, in a city full of Catholics.

So you're not a Catholic, but you are telling us that Catholics in this town would be offended? most of the Catholics I know, including myself are laughing their asses off, because of the IRONY in this POPE. We are not surprised, this guy was a real DISASTER before and after becoming GOD'S Surrogate. He was Pope JOHN PAUL's DICK CHENEY

Sorry Gent; Actually, I was referring to N Y City, not Dumbville - I mean Portland.
AND, not being Catholic - or anything else in particular, I wouldn't know if this Pope was
worth a shit or not. That is for you to decide. In my most humble opinion, religion to just
an organized method of controlling the masses. History shows that religion has caused far
more harm than good for humanity.

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