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March 31, 2013


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I wish I had one now. I had a friend who had a 45 record changer in his car! Only saw 1 of those!

Would be great to have a 45 record changer now!! with 45's in a record store for $.45 again - even bought some at 3 for $1.00.

i had hundreds when i grew up, im not sure what happened to most of them, but now i have about 60 left, and they are all very scratched from being stacked and played alot! used to go downtown vancouver to american music company and buy them, they had a wall with the top 100 45's and they were about 59 cents each i remember!

The very first 45rpm single was released was on the "RCA Victor" record label, the company the invented the 45. The very first 45 single was from none other than Eddy Arnold with 'Texarkana Baby." The B-side was "Boquet of Roses," both recorded in Nashville. The single was released on bright green vinyl. Why you ask? They were color-coded. Green was for Polka and Country, red for Classical and yellow for children's. Here's the entire "RCA Victor" 45 Color Code:

Black = Popular series.
Cerise = Rhythm and Blues series.
Green = Western and Country series.
Midnight Blue = Popular Classics series.
Red = Red Seal series.
Sky Blue = International series.
Yellow = Little Nipper series.

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