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March 31, 2013


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One of the worst (televised) injuries that I have ever witnessed.
Hope the kid heals and is able to participate in activity again.
He underwent surgery in Indianapolis, and the surgery went well.

It was painful to watch.

Go Michigan!

I vehemently am opposed to this being posted. CBS did a masterful job in deciding to not show it at half time, and ESPN never did. I had no choice given to me when I scrolled down and having to see this. I feel so sorry for the kid, and his teammates...bad decision to have this picture on the blog.

Thank you for posting this Mr. Stump. I couldn't tell from the video what actually occured. This makes it perfectly clear. If Bob wants to whine, he should avert his eyes.

Pom mom of LO, Bob couldn't have averted his eyes. He, like me, was shocked to see this. I can't remember seeing anything like this on this blog. That's why we were shocked!

Pom Mom...try averting when you are simply scrolling down and looking for the fun factuals and history making items that are posted here...this was wrong.

Go find it on youtube if you need to see it so bad pom mom.


Are you saying this didn't happen Pinky?

I agree with Porn Mom and Charlie. It's Dave's decision of what is and isn't posted here. And, by the way, I had no problem not looking at it. I think Bob and mike are into whining. I don't like some of the things Dave posts here so I just skip by them or make a snarky post about them..

Just looks fake to me. I have never seen skin look like that.

i dont watch much basketball, but they talked about this in the news today, so it must have happened, strange they would have a picture of it though? it does look odd!

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