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March 30, 2013


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Does anyone know where Dr. John Walls went after he retired? I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times when I was a kid. He was a true gentleman and very intelligent. He even took my mom and I on a tour of KOIN (the old building) during what would normally be his dinner break!

I think Dr. John retired to the Washington Coast. Even after he left 6, he continued doing the weather for us on KXL. He later retired completely and it seems he moved to some small town on the Washington coast.

i only watch channel 2 and that is the best!

It's great to have opinions and in mine I favor KGW News Channel Eight!

I watch none of the local "news" stations. Fodder at best, with very little emphasis on actual reporting or journalism.
I guess that's par for the course anymore for main stream media in the US anymore though, mostly.

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