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September 29, 2013


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CBS News went down the toilet when Uncle Walter retired.. They actually were making some ratings gains when Schieffer anchored after Rather was retired. So CBS put Scott Pelley in the anchor chair. Gotta have those face men dontcha know.

You'd think he could show up with a decent haircut, considering how much money he's probably making.

Looks like Alfred E. Jr.

Looks somewhat like Jeff Glor. He became anchor of CBS Sunday Evening edition on January 5, 2012. And then just this month he took over the CBS Saturday Evening edition also.

I get it that he's only 38 (1975) Dave, but heck, all of us were 38 once. I agree he ain't great yet; but Brokaw wasn't great when he was 38 either. Let's Face it, not many of us were "great" when we were 38.

Browkaw may not have been great at 38 Bill, but he wasn't anchoring a network evening news broadcast either. Brokaw went to work for the NBC Network, part time, at 26 and full time at 33 as White House correspondent. He wasn't promoted to Nightly News until he was 42 and even then he had to split the duties with Roger Mudd.

He also wasn't behind the ultimate face man Scott Pelley.

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