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October 27, 2013


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Isn't is strange that women adore him today. He lied through his teeth about Jennifer Flowers and Monica. He was a disgrace as a President, but to Moms young daughters, he was a saint.

There she is, Portland's finest who went to Washington bragging that she was taking along her presidential kneepads.Once there she found a whole new way to use cigars. Now she has two chins and is working on a third.

Just as JFK killed the hat industry by not wearing one. Monica killed the beret industry by wearing one.

At least she has enough self esteem remaining to not have committed suicide like some victims of liberal hypocrite power brokers.

You'd tap that in a NY minute Joel even with a fourth chin and cheeto stains.

hey, at least Clinton was able to redefine extra marital sec. likely millions now just getting his definition and no longer feeling guilty.

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