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November 30, 2013


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In the late 60's and early 70's I lived in the LA area. Ralph Williams operated both a Ford and a Chrysler Plymouth dealership, and advertised constantly on local TV. Eventually he was shut down by the state. I understand that he hadn't paid sales tax or registration fees on the cars he sold for 6 months or more. If that sounds like small potatoes, realize that in California at the time that amounted to 10% or more of the purchase price of the vehicle. No wonder he could undersell other dealers- If he sold them for cost, he would still make 10% on the sale.
His ads were legendary. Even the Firesign Theatre satirized them. Those were interesting times.

wow..the Ralph Williams I remember in the SFO are for "Top of the Hill" Daly City Ford did not look like this guy. 1964-1967 Lemme do some checking...ps: I'd love to have the 1966 Ford Country Squire wagon on the left..!!!

Maybe you don't recognize this guy as Ralph Williams because he clearly says in the first sentence that he's talking about "my boss Ralph Williams."

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