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November 30, 2013


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I wonder if our (Portlandia address) premiums will be equalized out by the positive of biking as exercise vs. the negative of biking and getting hit? A wash? Hmmmm.

The worst part is they subjected anyone within earshot of a TV to that horrible Cover Oregon song...and it only cost the Obozo folks millions to do it.

Perhaps - but look how many jobs it has already provided for the creative class. And the government class. And when you get down to it - isn't that the point? Jobs for party members - the Ds have a long and rich history of such enterprises.

taking odds...how many in the creative class, young and healthy, plan to really sign up...even once the site is working?

with the penalty less than cost...hmmm. so what's going to happen to the premiums then of the less healthy and older folks who do sign up?

remember, starting premiums count on EVERYONE signing up. good luck.

I just signed up, using the form that's easily accessible on the website. The form was long, but it was easy to understand, and I'm going to fax it to Cover Oregon tomorrow from work. I haven't had health insurance for several years now, and I'm losing the sight in one eye. I will now be able to see a doctor about it without going hungry to pay for it.

I can think of many things worse than having health care: war, getting shot, losing a job, getting my pension stolen by fast-talking crooks, losing a loved one. To listen to those who seem to be hysterical about health insurance, one might think it was a catastrophe, instead of a way to allow poor people to see doctors and get medicine.

What is it about health care that is such a big deal, when good hamburgers now cost $6.00 and there are thousands of expensive American tanks sitting in warehouses in Egypt? When the Pentagon "loses" over a trillion dollars (that's $3,333.00 for every man, woman, and child in the country) and no one bats an eye, how is it that health care is a "national crisis?"

I suspect there's more to it than worry about "socialism" taking over the hallowed halls of the land of the free and the home of the brave. I suspect it's sour grapes from people who have nothing else to complain about.

Mr. "Bogle", you are magnificently ill informed.
Go do a Wikipedia search. Tell me the ratio of entitlement spending in 1955 and then check it in 2005. Then get back to me. We'll begin the discussion there.

Your poor attempt at argument, or debate, or initial assertions contains "red herrings" based upon irrelevant and/or false data.

You have no clue whatsoever the dollar and sense cost of you, and other voters like you, as inflicted on those of us who work, have always worked, have NEVER taken a dime from the central gub'mint, and have ALWAYS obtained private insurance by handing over our hard earned cash, not SOMEONE ELSE'S.
Have a nice day.

Good response Muttley. Ignorance, such as that expressed by Bogle, makes me seethe.

As to your lack of understanding, Charley, of why people are PO'ed about Obozocare: It's because it is personal. Estimates are that across the US health insurance premiums are going up by an average of 41 percent and deductibles are doubling or even tripling.

Add to that the fact that Obozo told lie after lie to get this step toward socialized medicine passed. You may recall him saying if you like your plan, doctor and hospital, you can keep them. Period. You may recall him saying that Obozocare was going to save the average American $2500 a year. And that's just a start on Obozo's prevarications.

In the end, $6.00 for a hamburger(I paid $9.00 for the last one I had) doesn't seem so bad, does it?

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