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December 30, 2013


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Some of this stuff you are right on, some you completely missed, some I have no interest in and some I haven't a clue about.

KGW, yep.
Reggie Aqui, who knows, could be.
Nick Allard, if he waits long enough, otherwise he has another market in his future.

Steve Duin, maybe once best newspaper columnist.
Estes and John Helmer, for an old man's clothes maybe.
Nothing beats a good rib eye, don't know a thing about Ruth's Chris.

Jim Bacon's and Lexus of Portland, don't know, don't drive anymore.

I don't know if it's still as good but the Mad Greek Deli on 17th and East Burn used to be primo.

Bacon Tire is terrific with super good service. US Outdoor is a one of a kind store and Ruth Chris? Don't know about that one, hit and miss plus over priced.

Hip Hound is such a fun store for dogs and humans.

Um, I take it you live in Multnomah, Mr. STUMP?

Check out Boys' Fort on the corner of SW 9th and Morrison next time you are in that area. Best New Shop with items by all local artists.

Best afternoon radio show should go to "Mark and Dave" on KPAM. I am SO glad they are back on the air!

I can't believe that Yaws wasn't mentioned....Considering how many times it has been pimped out on this site....

I miss Henry Ford's too! usoutdoor.com rocks and the best painless dentist in Portland is Dr. Wong from Centerport Dental!

Hall Street is best dining? Wouldn't know because its been years since I've been there. If I was doing the list it would be Toro Bravo.

I agree with you on antenna TV (304 on my service). I also like ME TV (302) and THIS TV (303). All the old favorites are on those three channels.

Estes have the best sweaters anywhere. Top quality. Not a Men's Wearhouse.

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