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December 30, 2013


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Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Neil was the darling of liberal Democrats. He was the superstar that was adored. The Oregonian could not grasp how serious the situation was at first glance. They came around as the facts emerged through Willamette Week newspaper. The sentance with a minor could have been twenty hard years. Remember he had people covering for him also, who knows where that would have gone. Bernie being one. The girl is the silent one. She will never have a comment.

Oregonian called the event " An unfortunate affair"

Wasn't the cop hanging out with the guv delivering to the girl money and wasn't the cop having an affair with the guvs wife?

He also tried to sock it to the people of Oregon when he was a lobbyist for that Texas corporation and his current wife got an influential position associated with PERS. Neil has NO shame!

never forget? why shouldn't we? it's common knowledge. The guy was a shark. ok, a given. He was also the catalyst for turning downtown Portland into what it is today from the stinking pile of rotting burned out buildings that was south end Portland. Let it go. Move on. If you're going to rake this dirt bag over the coals then ya gotta do it for every other philandering scum queen in the US Congress. At least Neil hides in his shame the rest of these clowns revel and flaunt their behavior on the floor of the house. Get real. As one poster said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

A total scum bucket and as the story goes both Kitzslobber and Kulongowski were well aware of the details. In fact, many people were well aware of what went on and kept their own counsel.

Goldshit was such a rotten governor that Dave Frohnmeyer was kicking his butt in late 1989...so much so that Goldshit decided to call it a career and went into lobbying.

John: What he did to that kid was worse than murder in my opinion. He got CAUGHT John.

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