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January 24, 2014


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You will have to give us the lowdown on number of pages of an actual daily vs. Sunday edition once this gets to press. This is crazy. Looks like a store flyer.

All the news that fits, we print. - The Oregonian

wow! so now its just a tab instead of a standard format? just like ww or the mercury, or the star for that matter! too bad

If they just made that photo or the Fred Meyer ad a little bigger, they could even lay off the reporter that wrote the entire eight column inches of actual reporting on the front page.

I guess the editors are busy deleting the snarky comments on OLIVE/OMG !

They still sell it like its 1955. We all should be thankful they allow us to buy subscriptions, and pay to run advertising.
That said smaller formats have always been popular in the east where more people ride trains, subways and public transportation. I guess they looked at Tri Meth and thought it would fit better.

EPIC FAIL is my prediction

Think of all the trees that will now be allowed to die of old age and burn.

This is the reality of INTERNET. I challenge any of you blow hards to come up with a better way for a newspaper to survive in this pyranna infested waters we call the NET. All I read on this blog is SNARKY coments about a newspaper that has been a stalwart for our City, good or bad. Pathetic!!!

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