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January 30, 2014


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Bought season tickets when BW was drafted by the blazers. Got tickets which were halfway between floor and hog heaven. prior to this I saw a team that was inspired to succeed in their purpose
to represent Portland and establish theirselves as bonifide players in the game. So you have /Geof Petrie (the Seed)Lionel Hollins, Lloyd Neal, Bobby Gross, Dave Twardzic, Lloyd Neal, Maurice Lucas, Rick Adelman (yes he was a Blazer). You have to give Bill Walton a magnitude of credit for how he performed in the 76=77 season. I saw this team come back from 13 seconds to play and beating the Bulls at the rose garden, plus many thrilling games. Alas, this franchise is no longer a Portland treasure as it once was. I don't see a chanpionship ever in the future for Portland. I hope I am wrong.

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