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May 27, 2014


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Funny you bring this up as I was watching an episode of Mission Impossible last night and there was a driving scene in L.A. Mr Phelps driving a truck following the suspects past a gas station where the price showed 28 cents a gallon for regular. The year this episode was shot was likely between 1967-1969. I still remember the outrage when gas first went over $2 a gallon. If the euphoria and fracking boom continues making natural gas cheaper and me move more toward natural gas. One could predict that gasoline might in the future actually be under $2 again. Who really knows.

Except in the 70's we had "Regular" and "Premium", not "Plus" and "Supreme". The last best deal on gas was in Pasco, WA when Arco came in and started a war in 1997. I got regular for $.87/gallon!

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