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June 27, 2014


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One of the first ones in Portland was by us, on 122nd and Glisan! Once in awhile, mom would let us stop there if I had a good piano lesson. I used to dip the "Golden French Fries" into my "Triple-Thick Strawberry Shake" - yummy! It says "drive-in" but you had to park and walk up to the window to order your food.

I remember 19 cents at the 82nd just off Division. But that was even before I got my first job as a busboy at 81 cents/hour.

The BUN N" BURGER off Killingsworth had about the same prices circa 1955. Mc Donalds finally did the B N"B in.

Hey Stumpman!
Boy, do I ever remember "The Bun N' Burger" right ON Killingsworth, two blocks East of Jefferson High School.
Now, that burger (for 19 cents) was delicious. I always preferred "the Bun" over McDonald's.
This place did a brisk business for years. I can still taste the sauce. Mmmm Good.

Speaking of the BUN, We guys from Jeff would go east and order the ''toasted buns'' at YAW's. A great cheap meal and maybe "BOB the COP" would offer you a tootsie roll or two.

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