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July 24, 2014


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She is contagious with her smile and spirit. Portland is far from her last spot on TV.

I like the new early show on Koin. Sally is the future of Koin. It was appearing quite old.

Cafe Mingo? It's ok but no candle to the undisputed best Italian in the state, Decarli on Watson.

Dano is refering to Decarli on Watson Ave in downtown Beaverton. I have to agree on this.

I have never watched their early news. Will give it a try. I wonder how the computer age of reading news and watching news videos have taken away from television. I tend to get up and click to Oregon Live and then surf 3-4 news channels. I know this has harmed radio in a big way with these tech distractions. She has a great smile.

Bob Lynott would be proud.

It doesn't matter what gimmick they try or who they add/delete from the set, local news is pure trash. What passes for journalism on air is absurd. Infotainment. Chatter, banter, personal opinions, poor English, wrong/incomplete/missing information. No critical questioning. They just read the teleprompter and try and be cuter than the others. I do waste a moment of my day on these talking heads.

I like her because her smile is contagious, lighten up people. The world is too depressing as it is.

What happened to Bruce Sussman? He was a good addition for
a station that is so far over the hill that they remain always at the bottom of the rankings.

they fired him for a pair of young boobs and tight skirt in prime. Half the time the ditz is off camera.

I am in agreement .... lighten up. I enjoy bright and happy people. With all the negativity in our culture give me a contagious smile. Glad your back on the morning show Sally.

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