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August 28, 2014


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A much-missed establishment. The imposters who bought the name and logo are a joke. Shame on them for trying to pass off their mediocre slop under the Roses name.

I checked the other day and they are down to only one restaurant. (the Vancouver location was sold according to the website)

I used to love going to Roses after work when I was in High School. Of course the only one that mattered was the one on 23rd.

Max Birnbaum bought Rose's and was smart to keep the quality the same, some say even better. Max sold it to a group who wanted to make Rose's a chain. It was a disaster and tarnished the name for eternity.

Rose was an absolute sweetheart; she used to buy presents for her son Bud and son-in-law Dr Ed Rosenbaum. She would bring "sticky buns" every visit. Dr. Rosenbaum was diagnosed with a form of throat cancer when he was 70 years old. He wrote a book about his experience from being a doctor to being a patient. The title is "A Taste Of My Own Medicine", and was made into a movie named "The Doctor", played by William Hurt. Some say it helped change the way doctors treat their patients in a more compassionate way.

Humongous cinnamon rolls and Pastrami on rye to die for!!!!

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