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September 30, 2014


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Look how Obama respects the Oval Office. Down right mad looking at this photograph.

Where's the jelly beans on Reagan's desk?

Jackie Kennedy brought the desk out of storeage. JFK was the first to use it in years. Most President's used the study and the Oval Office was just for show and guests. JFK used it as a working office. My cousin worked in The White House during Eisenhower, Kennedy and one year when LBJ occupied.

What a punk...

doug, Obama does not respect anything American! including Americans!

He ate em, Dano. The bowl is there... Obummer, getcha feet down! Yo ass ain't in da sewer, that's GOOD furniture! Disrespectful, useless bastard.

Guy needs to get a grip

If furniture could talk? Of course, these days it'd be puking.

The ONLY ones who don't care are the ones who elected him. They don't care about much else either except the free ride.

oh look, all the rightwing freaks showed up. Emphasis on freaks. Not that I disagree with the intern reference. .but if this guys so bad how come the stock market is up a thousand points since he took office. . if he's so bad how come Osama Bin whatever is dead?. .if this guy is so freaking bad how come . .oh never mind ,you clowns will never get it. He's the best Republican the Democrats ever elected. And no, I didn't vote for him. Let the insults fly hose heads you only expose your own ignorance.

john duval, how come the real unemployment numbers are over 20%? keep drinking that koolaid!


Obama is the worst President in history.

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