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November 28, 2014


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I ate at Henry Thiele's restaurant once a week during the latter part of my pregnancy in 1975 after my Dr.s visits. The food was so delicious and we were so happy awaiting the birth of our child who turned out to be our son. Ronald Gordon Judd II born 3-30-1975

Growing up in Cedar Mill, NW Portland was something of an adjunct. We (I'm talking the whole family here) would go to Kienow's Grocery Store, (right across Burnside from Henry Thiele), once a week. Uf we were lucky we got to eat at Thiele or at the lunch counter at the Uptown Pharmacy.

We had a frozen food locker in the back of Kienow's. Home freezers were owned in those days by only the extremely wealthy.

Dad always filled up the family car at Pinky's Union 76, which was to the right, across the street with the RCT bus, from Thiele.

I remember it well. We used to get about four boxes (remember when grocery stores boxed your purchase) for about 15 or 20 bucks. Now days 20 bucks gets you a little sack of goods.

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