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January 31, 2015


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Especially the NBC brand itself. Home of MSNBC...phony truck explosions....and doctored police scanners.

My Dad saw the Stress beginning in in 1960, so he left radio even though he was in it from 1938 (KBPS grad like everybody!). So my take is Huntley and Brinkley were not pawns. They saw it coming just like my Dad did. Gordon Thompson was a well known broadcaster in Portland and Honolulu/Maui back in the day and got out of growing choke hold back then. I often would like to think that things could have gone different, but HISTORY is what it is. I still think I grew up listening to the best Radio Station on the planet. KAY-EYE-ESS-EN!!! me! (Where were you in '52?)

Hey CT, don't forget the edited George Zimmerman tape that made him sound like a racist. That one was done on the watch of Andrea Mitchell, NBC's vaunted expert on affairs both foreign and domestic.

ct did a telephone truck blow up?

Indeed. Thank you Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Y'all did a fine job of destroying the integrity of the news. Another fine example of deregulated corporatism (read Capitalism) run amok.

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